“We build on long-term experience, tradition with an emphasis on finding concepts that bring creative and inventive solutions in architecture, urbanism and design.”

ATELIÉR ART - Lubomír Boháč was established as an architecture office in 1982. In its years of practice, the studio has gained experience in urban design, residential buildings, public buildings, hotels and interiors. Since becoming Atelier Art s.r.o., the company has participated in preparation and realization of many urban architecture projects and developers’ projects for residential and public buildings, as well as interior design projects. As society’s demands evolved, the studio designed administrative buildings, housing and hotels. As Slovakia joined the European Union, the studio came to cooperate more and more frequently with international developers, operators and architects. This has included designs for companies such as Trigranit, IBM Slovakia and Urbia holding. In its design work for the Polus AB2 office building, Atelier Art cooperated with the Canadian firms Adamson Associates Architects and Stafford Haensli Architects as well as Cigler Marani Architects.

In its residential projects, Atelier Art has most often cooperated with the construction development firm Reding a.s. (currently YIT – Reding a.s). Atelier Art has received the Building of the Year awards several times, including in 2004 for the Polus Millenium Tower II project, in 2006 for the Multipurpose Residential Building Majerníková, and in 2010 for Centrum Gercenova. Several of their projects have won nominations for the Slovak Chamber of Architects prize, the CEZAAR prize and the Dušan Jurkovič prize. Since 2008, the architect and urban designer Katarína Boháčová has been working in the studio, becoming a partner in 2015. In addition to her work in the studio, she teaches at the Faculty of Architecture’s institute for Urban Design and Planning. She specializes in current trends in urban and public space design. She works to popularize architecture in Slovakia through various events, talks, workshops and conferences, cooperating with local governments, experts, and the general public.





Quality of urban life is influenced by the quality of urban space. Our goal is to create livable, safe, sustainable and healthy cities. Designing of livable and sustainable public spaces.

We propose projects of all scales S, M, L, XL focused on urban settlements, residential buildings, cultural and civic buildings, houses, hotels

Offices in administrative buildings, interiors of civic and cultural buildings.

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